Entry #14

Actually using flash now

2015-01-21 19:09:54 by Mikeaphobia

Stencyl is getting me shit scores so I'm gonna watch a few tutorials and spend a few months on a flash project, probably a movie at first. I'll be uploading audio and maybe art but other than that, all my effort will be going into one flash project.


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2015-01-21 19:34:41

Will voice act for food

Mikeaphobia responds:

Will send lots of food and contact you with a script when it's finished?


2015-01-23 23:47:54

i cant do anything with stencyl. although i am a master at tgf2 and game maker (studios or otherwise).
and flash cs whatever professional too! i just don't know what i want to do anymore. this is the weirdest feeling ever.

Mikeaphobia responds:

You should go for what you think you're best at, in your case game factory 2. I'm still trying to find some programs that suit me haha at least you know what you exell in