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Actually using flash now

2015-01-21 19:09:54 by Mikeaphobia

Stencyl is getting me shit scores so I'm gonna watch a few tutorials and spend a few months on a flash project, probably a movie at first. I'll be uploading audio and maybe art but other than that, all my effort will be going into one flash project.

Remixing rap/hip-hop songs.

2015-01-21 13:33:03 by Mikeaphobia

PM me with requests, I've downloaded some remixing software and I'm kinda enjoying making these, will improve them as I figure more things out.


Nearly finished new remix

2015-01-21 06:48:54 by Mikeaphobia

Over the past few months I've been busy as fuck with schoolwork, hasn't left me enough time to do anything major but I've pretty much completed a remix of the blackout crew's "put a donk on it". Just for fun, anyways i'll be uploading soon. Considering it's a chav tier shit song, i did my best.


2013-12-20 20:39:19 by Mikeaphobia

Ive been inactive on newgrounds for a while and a few weeks ago i made a return. I got back into game development and just today made Snow Ninja. That game was pretty much a simple thing i made to see if i wanted to make a bigger project. It did. The game im working on now is a Defense/Pokemon Crossover game. Its a simple game with endless enemies but i will make it detailed and good looking. The game will take a few non-stop days of work to complete and will be made using stencyl. I am also working on a Flash MX Animation but it will take ages to complete. Not working on any art at the moment because of the animation and game im doing. May make some audio after my MX Animation. But back to the game. You play as Ho-Oh. Defending your egg. Enemies try to attack you'r egg and crawl through a quite detailed enviroment to get to you, you are on top of the mountain/volcano where you meet ho-oh on pokemon leaf green/fire red, i forgot the exact name. If you fail to defend you'r egg, the volcano erupts, killing you and you'r egg. If you sucseed the baby ho-oh or whatever sprite i can find crawls out. This is a big ass project for me but i will try my best and do it. I may release short FPS Sniper games before this big game just as practise. Any comments of advice would be great. 



Here's my top 10 for april ;)

My choices for april election

Sorry, i havent sent any pms back but its beacause my PM thingy is broken, every time i click send, it does not send :/ so can i keep in contact by this news post?


2012-02-19 13:28:33 by Mikeaphobia

Ive just come back to ng and ill be stayin on forever more :D Please look at my Pokemon Ruby gym battle song, its amazing and i hope y'all like it :D :)


2011-10-25 13:29:14 by Mikeaphobia

The submission

Super Smash Bros. Brawl Has 17k votes and is UNDER 1.00 , therfore it should be blammed Everyone reading this post Vote 0 and contact Tom Fulp, Hopefullu we can blam it


2011-04-08 14:33:06 by Mikeaphobia

Check out my art!


2011-03-10 14:30:28 by Mikeaphobia

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